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Almost 14 years ago, we received the most wonderful news: we were going to be parents. We had never experienced such happiness before, and that feeling was only matched when you came into the world. I vividly remember the day of your birth, a Friday in February, when I heard your cry for the first time. However, upon hearing your mother's voice, you calmed down and looked at us attentively, as if you knew we were your family. From that moment on, everything in our lives revolved around you.


The first months were pure bliss, but then unexpected challenges arose when we noticed you gazing into space. After several diagnoses, we learned that you had epilepsy, which led us down a long path of treatments, therapies, and medical consultations. Today we know it is a genetic mutation called YWHAG. Despite the difficulties, you were always brave and overcame every obstacle with determination.


I fondly recall your first steps and your first words. Although the journey to reach these milestones was tough, with the help of therapists and specialists, you made great strides. You went to school, and despite the challenges you faced, you were always accepted and loved by your classmates and teachers.


But life presented us with new challenges when mom got sick, and you had to learn to cope with her absence while she received treatment. Despite everything, we carried on, finding strength in our family and in the new friendships we made in support groups.

Today, as I watch you grow and face each day with courage, I want you to know how proud we are of you. Although the path hasn't always been easy, each obstacle overcome has made us stronger as a family. We will continue to seek new ways to help you reach your full potential, and we will always be by your side, supporting you every step of the way.


With all our love, we will always be with you.

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