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Third YWAHG Community Meeting


As we wrap up another successful YWAHG community gathering, we're filled with excitement for the journey ahead. Our third meeting brought together familiar faces and new members who share a common goal: to understand and combat the challenges posed by the YWHAG genetic mutation.


We covered a range of vital topics that not only enlighten but also empower us to take action. The discussions kicked off with an in-depth look into the YWHAG Foundation Plans for 2024, which includes the ambitious and crucial Natural History Study. This study is a cornerstone for our understanding and future interventions, aiming to map the progression and impact of the YWHAG mutation comprehensively. We need everyone’s support and involvement in this project!


A Brief Overview of the YWHAG Genetic Mutation was presented, shedding light on how this condition affects our children. Understanding the science behind the mutation helps us grasp the complexity of the challenges we face, yet it also brings hope as we learn more about potential pathways to better management and treatment.


The topic of Drug Repurposing was also discussed. Drug repurposing, a strategic approach to finding new therapeutic uses for existing medications, presents a promising avenue for addressing the YWHAG genetic mutation's challenges. By leveraging the known safety profiles and mechanisms of action of existing drugs, this method can significantly accelerate the path to discovering effective treatments for those affected by the YWHAG mutation. This innovative strategy has the potential to correct the cellular and molecular deficiencies caused by the mutation, offering hope for improved health outcomes and quality of life. As research progresses, drug repurposing could become a pivotal component in the arsenal against the impacts of the YWHAG mutation, transforming the lives of individuals and families navigating this condition.


Special Thanks


We extend our heartfelt thanks to Helen Chang for her invaluable time and expertise. Her contributions significantly enrich our community’s understanding and capacity to tackle the challenges ahead. Similarly, we are profoundly thankful for Brittany's continued support. Her dedication and hard work behind the scenes are the backbone of our progress and success.


Save the Date


Looking ahead, we're excited to announce that our next meeting is planned for June. Mark your calendars! We hope to see even more of you there as we continue to build on our progress and strengthen our community.


In closing, we want to thank each and every one of you for attending and for your ongoing support. Together, we are making strides towards a brighter future for our children and families affected by the YWHAG genetic mutation. Let's keep this momentum going, fostering hope, and driving change.


For those of you that were unable to attend the Zoom meeting can be viewed here. Any questions can be sent to


Until next time, stay connected, and take care.

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